Students in the early morning program enter the 5th grade door(Door #9) using a card pass issued by the principal. Students enrolled in this program can come down the sidewalk side of the drop-off line until 7:35.


Back door opens for students to enter and go to the gym or the cafeteria to eat breakfast. Cars are to form a single file line in the back using the middle lane and pull up as far as possible to let children out of the car. Please do not drop off your child before 7:45.


All doors open for students to enter and go to their classrooms.


Tardy bell rings. The parent should sign the student in tardy in the office.  


Morning Parking & Walking Students to the Gym/Classroom:

Parents of preschoolers, kindergarteners, or first graders are permitted to walk their child to the gym/classroom. If you choose to walk with your child, please park at the back of the school near the baseball field. Students in grades 2-6 should enter the building independently. All students will stay in the gym or at breakfast until 8:00, when they are released to their classrooms.



Preschool students report to the gym for pick up at the second door at the back of the building.


K-3 Car riders move to the gym and bus riders move to the bus holding area to load as buses arrive. Each car rider will receive a number (provided by the school) for the parent to hang on the rearview mirror. When the child’s number is called, the students will go outside to meet their ride at the loading cones. All three traffic lanes are utilized at the back of the building for dismissal. Vehicles should pull into the pick-up line from behind the playground. Shirley Drive is utilized as a bus lane only.


4-6 Car riders go out the front of the building and bus riders move to the bus holding area to load after K-3. Please pull up as far as possible in the double parking lane. (Students with younger siblings will report to Room 101A and will be released out the back of the school when their number is called).


Afternoon Parking:

If you need to enter the building in the afternoon, we ask that you park in a designated parking spot and enter through the front door. Please do not park along the fence at the back of the school, as all three lanes are used for dismissal at 3:10.   Please do not double-park at the front of the school as this slows down the dismissal process and backs up traffic.


Avoiding Parking and Traffic Tickets:

The Bristol Tennessee Police Department will issue tickets for the following infractions that occur on the city streets (Bluff City Highway and Shirley Drive). This is enforced to ensure the safety of the children attending Haynesfield.


Front of the building: Parking too close to the crosswalk between the marked “No Parking Signs” on the Bluff City Highway.


Side of the building:PARKING or BLOCKING the bus lane on Shirley Drive for morning drop-off or afternoon dismissal. Please avoid entering Shirley Drive from the Bluff City Highway. Cars temporarily blocking the bus lane will be ticketed.