Students residing outside of Haynesfield Elementary ‘s school zone are eligible to request to attend the school via a transfer or tuition application. Transfer request should be completed for students who live in the Bristol Tennessee City limits, but are zoned for another school.  Tuition students do not live inside of Bristol Tennessee City limits and require additional fees to attend.  Please call 423-652-9292 for questions regarding Transfer and Tuition.

False Informaiton:
When parents or guardians provide false information concerning residency or guardianship, the student(s) will be dropped from the roll of the school they attend and must return to their home school. When parents fail to complete a transfer form, students may be dropped from the roll of the school they attend and returned to their home school. The principal’s initial and continuing approval of tuition and transfer applications are contingent upon the student’s ability to maintain acceptable attendance and behavior standards, including on-time arrival for the school day and all classes. (Policy 8.106)


In addition, TCA 49-6-3003 provides that:

·         (c) (1) (A) Any parent, guardian, or other legal custodian who enrolls an out-of-district student in a school district and fraudulently represents the address for the domicile of the student for enrollment purposes is liable for restitution to the school district for an amount equal to the local per pupil expenditure identified by the Tennessee department of education for the district in which the student is fraudulently enrolled.

·         (2) (A) Restitution shall be cumulative for each year the child has been fraudulently enrolled in the system. Such restitution shall be payable to the school district and, when litigation is necessary to recover restitution, the parent, guardian, or other legal custodian shall be liable for costs and fees, including reasonable attorneys' fees, incurred by the school district.



1.    Students residing outside the boundaries of the school system may attend schools within the school system under the following conditions:

Applications must be approved by the Supervisor of Student Services (the Director’s designee).

3.    If the student resides in the state of Tennessee, the parent/guardian must pay a tuition fee established by the Board. If residing in a state other than Tennessee, they must pay a tuition fee established by the State Department of Education.

Tuition applications will be accepted throughout the school year for new students as well as from students currently attending Bristol Tennessee City Schools. Applications may be submitted to the principals' offices.

Tuition shall be paid to Bristol Tennessee City Schools and may be made in two parts. The first part shall be paid prior to the first day of school and the second part shall be paid prior to the beginning of the second semester. The principal of the school in which the student is enrolled shall request a receipt from the student indicating payment has been made. If the student fails to make payment in the required time, the principal shall notify the Director of Schools in writing and the student will be subject to expulsion.

Please call Bristol Tennesse City School office for tuition prices which are determined by the county / state your reside in.  You will receive a discounted price for subsequent students. 

When payment is not made on all or any part of the required tuition for a previous year, the student(s) shall be excluded from future attendance until all prior and current tuition is paid.

Non-resident students must make application at least two weeks prior to the first day of school. After two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of school and thereafter during the remainder of the school year, students wishing to transfer into the system must also have the approval of the sending system.

Students whose parents/guardians become residents of the school system will be refunded any unused portion of the tuition on a pro-rata basis.

Tuition students or parents of tuition students who cause undue hardship to teachers, other students or administrators may result in the student being asked to terminate their attendance in Bristol Tennessee City Schools. Each case requires that the principal shall notify the Director of Schools in writing of the problem and, in turn, the Director of Schools, or his designee, shall notify the parents of the date of termination.

If a parent of a student teaches outside the school system of the parent’s residency, the student may attend such school system, provided the appropriate tuition requirements are met.