Lunch/Breakfast/Snack: Breakfast and lunch are served daily in the cafeteria. Breakfast service begins at 7:45 a.m. Students may either bring a lunch from home or buy lunch at school. Milk, juice, and ice cream treats are available for purchase. The procedures for purchasing these items vary among the grade levels.


Parents are welcome to eat with their children anytime during the year. As a consideration to the cafeteria staff, please call the cafeteria in the morning to notify them of your plans (652-9290). This will allow them to prepare enough food for all the students and adults who are eating lunch. Due to federal guidelines, food from restaurants and carbonated drinks are not allowed in the cafeteria.




Elementary School Meal Prices. Additional prices are available upon request.





Student (regular)

$ 1.00

$ 2.15

Student (reduced)









All students have cafeteria account numbers and may prepay into their account anytime. The account will be used for breakfast, snack, and lunch. Students use their 5 digit student ID number to access their accounts in the cafeteria. This ID number also serves as a student’s AR password and library number. It should be kept confidential. Any balance in your student's account will be carried over to the following August. If your child is in the 6th grade, the balance will carry over to Vance Middle School. Refunds are not made except in the case of a transfer out of the school system. Questions concerning School Nutrition policies should be directed to the School Nutrition Director, 652-9221. Students may not use another student’s account. There is a $20.00 service charge for any returned check. In case of lost or forgotten money, students may charge, but the money must be repaid within 5 days. The principal will receive a list of unpaid charges weekly. Three charges per student is the limit. The computer system will not accept more.




Online Payment
Our district offers an online payment option for parents. In addition, parents can view seven days of account history and set spending limits for their children.




How to Enroll:


·      Go to and click ENROLL NOW.


·      Create an account for yourself and your children. Your student’s district ID number is the student’s 5 digit lunch number.


·      Include student’s date of birth, school, and grade.


·      Provide credit or debit card information.


·      Select the Automatic Pre-Payment Option, if desired.




You may also call the customer support center at


1-800-479-3531 for questions or assistance with enrollment. Their support personnel are available Monday - Friday from 8 am - 7 pm ET. You can also email MLM at This a FREE service. 


Free and Reduced Prices
Free or reduced prices are available to students whose family income qualifies them for the program. Here are some general guidelines:


·      Families can apply at any time during the school year.


·      An application can take up to 10 days per USDA regulations but usually take 1-3 days.


·      The parent/legal guardian is responsible for all meal charges until approved. Charges owed before an application is approved are not removed because of the approved application.


·      Income guidelines are issued in the summer for the following school year and are concrete guidelines; the local school system has no authority to deviate from these guidelines


·      Once approved for free or reduced price meals, your status will carry over until September 15 of the following year.


·      Families must apply each year to receive these benefits [per USDA regulations and due to the fact that income guidelines change yearly].


·      If approved for free or reduced price meals, your child will either receive free meals or reduced price meals.


·      All applications are subject to a request requiring income documentation.


·      If you have made a prior application during a school year and were denied, you can reapply if your employment, income, or household size has changed. Call 652-9222 for additional information or to obtain a free / reduced meal application. Applications are also available at each school.