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Visitor Regulations
Click HERE for parking, arrival and dismissal information.

Parents are always welcome to visit the school. All parents/visitors
must report to the office and present a driver's licens to sign in. 

Please seek permission of the teacher if a classroom visit is planned.
Parents/visitors are requested to exit the classroom by 8:10 a.m. so
teachers may begin instruction.

All visitors must enter at the front of the building. Visitors will be
identified by video camera and may be questioned by office personnel
before they are allowed to enter the building.

Driver's License:
Visitor will be asked to present drivers license upon entering the office.  We will scan the visitor's driver's license or identification card, conducting a background check for registered offenders who have already been notified by officials that they are not allowed on school grounds. Visitors will receive a temporary photo identification badge to wear during their visit. The system only scans the visitor's name, date of birth and photo for comparison purposes. No other personal identifying information is saved. Upon your initial visit the process will take approximately 30 seconds; however, on your return visits, it will not be necessary to scan your ID as we can pull up the information using your last name.

Illegal Entry:
Any person who bypasses the security entrance to gain access to the building
may be prosecuted for unlawful entry. All other exits will remain locked
throughout the school day.

Students from other schools, including Tennessee High School and Vance
Middle School, may not be on campus prior to the 3:10 p.m. dismissal
unless prior arrangements have been made with the principal through a
school-sponsored activity.

Posted Notices Required By The School Security Act, T.C.A. 49-6-4204, As
Amended By Chapter 636 Of The Public Acts of 1994:

  • Vehicles parked on school property by students or visitors are subject to search for drugs, drug paraphernalia or dangerous weapons.
  • Lockers and other storage areas, containers, and packages brought into the school by students or visitors are subject to search for drugs, drug paraphernalia, dangerous weapons or any property which is not properly in the possession of the student.