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Haynesfield students are motivated to be better citizens and achieve academically in order to be the House leader!

HOUSES: All students are members of one of the following Houses: Earth, Water, Wind or Fire. Students spin at the end of their kindergarten year to become a member of one of Haynesfield' s Houses. Until then, preschools and kindergarteners are assigned to a House as a class. Preschoolers are in the House of Fire, Mrs. Helton's class is Wind, Mrs. White's class is Water, and Mrs. Lamie's class is Earth. Students remain in the same House from 1st-6th grade.

MOTIVATION: Students earn points for academics and behavior on a daily basis and during themed pep rallies. The House with the most points each day will fly their flag on the flagpole at the front of the school. The goal is to be crowned House Champions at the end of the 9 weeks to attend the victory celebration.

POINTS: Daily points are earned by displaying good citizenship, outstanding effort, and academic achievement. Students enjoy pep rallies because they can earn a large number of points to put their house in the lead in a single day. Pep rally points are earned by dressing up in the theme, participating in hula hoop contest, dance contest, spirit contest, "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader," or "Minute to Win it." On average, 25 students get to spin the wheel for points at pep rallies. Spinners are selected for: outstanding citizenship, hardest worker, most improved, 100% comprehension on Accelerated Reader, and getting an "A" on a benchmark assessment. Every student gets to spin the wheel on their birthday for points.

HOUSE INAGURATION: The inaugural year for Haynesfield' s Houses was in December of the 2010-2011 school year as part of the school's initiative called Project Shift. As part of this positive shift in culture, Haynesfield also changed their school's mascot to the HURRICANE.

House membership continues to have a positive impact on student achievement, success and our school climate.

Click here to see a video clip of spinning of the WHEEL.
Click here to see a video clip of Spin Day. Click here to see 2nd grade spin the WHEEL.