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Brandy Shelton Staff Photo
Subjects Taught

  • Master (+30) of Education in Early Childhood Education from ETSU in 2003
  • Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development from ETSU in 2001
  • Associate of Science in Elementary Education from Cleveland State Community College in 1998


I have been teaching Haynesfield's Pre K since it began in Jan. 2006.

I worked at ETSU's Child Study Center from 1998 to 2006 as a student assistant, graduate assistant and lead teacher in the Infant, Toddler, and Preschool classrooms.

I also taught many afterschool and summer programs while in college.

I had much practice "playing school" when I was four years old.


I love teaching people age 5 and under!

Pre K is my favorite age to teach because four year olds are so creative and enthusiastic. I love art and getting messy in an art activity with young children. We make some pretty big messes here in Pre K! I love getting to know Pre K families and building relationships.