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Summer Readers Are Winners!
Posted On:
Friday, August 19, 2016

Congratulations to all of our summer reading winners! This summer was the first time all students k-12 participated in summer reading, and the response was impressive. Every BTCS student who completed summer reading by the due date had his/her name put into a school-wide drawing for chance at a $20 gift card. A total of 43 gift cards were awarded for $860 in prizes. Winners were announced at their schools on Thursday, August 18.

The benefits to summer reading are well known. Students who read during the summer are less likely to have the “summer slide” which can result in a loss of valuable reading skills while not in school. Summer reading can help students maintain their reading level and increase their vocabulary, which also positively affects achievement scores. ALL summer readers are winners!

Haynesfield Elementary School winners are: Jasper Shelton, Bryleigh Barker, Rylee Ricker, Chase Rutherford, and Cami Sells. Congratulations!

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