6th Grade

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Ms. Countiss

Coach Snyder  





Language Arts &
Social Studies

 Math & Science



Ablout Ms. Countiss 

 About Coach Snyder



        Welcome to Sixth Grade!

We are SUPER excited for a fantastic year in sixth grade. Please check each teacher's webpage for more specific information about each subject area :)


With the new laptops and new programs, this webpage (as well as our personal webpages) will have very minimal information.
You'll be receiving that information in August :)


Attendance & Make-up Work Policy:
In all cases of an absence, the make-up work is the responsibility of the student and the parent.

Language Arts & Social Studies

For more information about Language Arts and Social Studies, you (parents) need access to my Schoology courses! If you have not recieved the link for joining those classes, please email me so I can share those with you!

Click HERE to see how many books we have read in 6th grade for AR tests.

     Go to the following  link to Ms. Countiss' webpage!




 Mr. Snyder's Math & Science Path



For News letter, projects, assignments, pacing calendar, etc  click the above word "CLICK"





Party Policy:
Click HERE to view the school and individual party / special events policy.

Grading Scale:
A = 93 – 100               B = 85 – 92                 C = 75 – 84                 D = 70 -74                   F = 0 – 69


Be Responsible

1. Bring all materials and homework to class.
2. Be on time.
3. Always have a book to read.
4. Raise your hand if you need to talk to the teacher.
5. Use lockers during designated times.

Be Respectful

1. Use appropriate words and actions.
2. Follow directions.
3. Listen when others are speaking.
4. Leave other's belongings alone.
5. No talking during an assessment of any kind.
6. Be honest.

Be Safe

1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
2. Use property as it was intended to be used.
3. If you need to leave the classroom – ask for permission


Special Area Schedule (11:00-11:45 daily)

Day of the Week Mr. Snyder Ms. Countiss  
Monday Computer Music  
Tuesday Music P.E.  
Wednesday Art Library  
Thursday P.E. Computer  
Friday Library Art  

**Band will be on Thursdays during Special Area**

Daily Schedule:

8:00-8:15 Homeroom

8:15-9:45 1st

9:50-11:00 2nd

11:00-11:45 Special Areas

11:45-12:15 ANCHOR

12:20-12:40 2nc cont'd

12:40-12:50 3rd

12:50-1:20 Lunch

1:20-2:35 3rd

2:40-3:10 Recess